Singer 15-91 console desk sewing machine manual

6 features of the Singer 15-91 console desk sewing machine you should know

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2021)

When you purchase a Singer 15-91, you’re not just buying an old, reliable sewing machine: you’re also purchasing a piece of history.

The Singer 15-91 was in production from 1919 to 1956 and has been one of the most popular and successful home sewing machines on the market ever since. Today’s Singer Featherweight 221 is still influenced by the Singer 15-91 so this is why it’s important for current owners to know some things about their beloved vintage machine.

The Singer 15-91 came in both treadle and hand crank options but either way, they required oil periodically. A good way to tell if your machine needs oil is if it makes weird noises when you turn the wheel. Another sign of needing oil is rust appearing on your singer 15 91. If either of these things happen to your singer 15-91 sewing machine then make sure to apply oil frequently until it stops!

Lastly, make sure to oil the Singer 15-91 regularly with lightweight sewing machine oil since this will prolong your machine’s life and keep it from developing rust. The oiler system on Singer’s 15-91 is easy to use but make sure not to over-oil as this could damage your machine. It should suffice to just run a few drops into either of the lubrication points located on both sides of the machine. These are illustrated in Singer ‘s 15-91 online manual machine.

The Singer 15-91 came in both treadle and hand crank options and on some machines they were not attached and needed to be set up. When attaching the hand crank, make sure to line up the notches in it correctly before turning it in place by rotating the wheel on top of Singer’s 15-91. It’s quite easy once you get used to doing it however if it doesn’t work then double-check that you have lined up the notches correctly.

Another thing about using this machine is its tension system. Compared to modern machines which are very precise when setting tension settings, Singer 15-91 requires much more patience since there are no numbers to help guide you when adjusting them. If you’re a beginner then follow the singer’s online manual which can be found here:

Singer 15-91 Console Desk Sewing Machine Owners Manual Instruction Booklet

  • Singer 15-91 Console Desk Sewing Machine Owners Manual Instruction Booklet

    Singer 15-91 console desk sewing machine manual

Singer Featherweight 221 Manual

  • High quality scanned Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine Manual available for immediate download.

    singer featherweight 221 manual

The Singer 15-91 has three different bobbins and you can use any of them to sew with but they need to be able to work with the singer 15 91 which is why if you want to replace your bobbin case, bobbins or needle plate you should keep this in mind. If you don’t know whether or not that specific piece will work then look up singer 15-91 online manual and go through it until you find what you’re looking for: after all, there’s no point in buying something if it won’t fit!

So if you’re a Singer 15-91 owner, we hope we informed you enough about your machine and that this article was of help to you.