Janome Mylock 534 534D overlocker manual

4 Features of Janome Mylock 534 534D Overlocker Machine You Should Know

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2021)

There are various features of Mylock 534 534D overlocker machine that make it stand out. These features includes

1. MyLock 534D has 32 stitches including 4 stretch stitches and adjustable stitch length up to 4mm which makes it very popular in the market. It is also possible to adjust the right needle position for rolled hems.

2. MyLock534D comes with 9 different presser feet (class 15J) making it easy to sew multiple applications in one go. No more changing the foot every time you want to do something different, just change the presser foot to what you need in one move without removing any other stitching or doing anything complicated to get started sewing immediately . This is because MyLock534D has a storage compartment on the front of the machine for all your presser feet. MyLock 534D also has a flat bed making this overlocker suitable to do free motion quilting and monogramming as well as straight stitching.

3. MyLock 534D is easy to thread with an automatic needle threading system with 4 step, just pull the lever downwards and place your thread into one of the 4 holes, then lift up the lever and MyLock534-D automatically threads itself, now just clip your spool cap on ready for sewing in seconds . MyLock534D is very easy to maintain too, specially designed easy access lint filter makes maintaining this overlocker simple – push the latch and the front cover opens to allow easy access. MyLock534D comes with a free arm and has 3 different rolled hem widths and 4 stitch types for straight stitching. MyLock 534D also has a differential feed ratio of over 2:1 making it is possible to achieve superb results.

4. MyLock 534D is very secure, MyLock534D is fitted with an FM electronic ignition system , no more oil stains or fire risk from faulty lighter fluid spills, MyLocks ignition system ignites with just one touch of a button . MyLock534- D top drop in bobbin makes changing the bobbin thread even easier than before; free arm means you easily make trouser legs and other tight fit areas without any hassles. MyLock534D is safe and secure and can be used by all levels of sewing experience. MyLock534-D comes with a dust cover, oil bottle and 3 stitch fingers included as standard.

If you are looking for a manual then we have one available in our store for immediate download here:

Janome Mylock 534 534D Overlocker Instruction Manual

  • Janome Mylock 534 534D Overlocker Instruction Manual.

    36 page high quality scanned PDF copy available for immediate download.

    Janome Mylock 534 534D overlocker manual