Most Popular Used Sewing Machines By Brands

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Popular Used Sewing Overlocker Machines Ordered By Brands with Manuals

With the emerging competition in sewing machines, there are many sewing machine brands selling really notable machines of different models. It would now be a challenge to pick out which one is really the best because they seem to outdo each other. We have listed some of the most popular brands of sewing machines for you to consider.


One of the pioneering sewing machine companies, Singer is still one of the leading brands in sewing machines. They have been known for durable and reliable sewing machines. They have evolved from selling the standard sewing machines to selling a variety of models that caters to a wide range of users. Singer is available in individual retailers and mass merchants.


This brand has emerged as one of the top contenders in home sewing machines. They have garnered a lot of popularity from the hit series Project Runway where their machines were featured and used by the different contestants. They sell a lot of high-tech models that are easy to use. They cater from beginners to experts. Their units are sold in individual retailers, mass merchants and online too.

Brother Overlocker 884-b02_b03 Manual


Offering some of more complex sewing machines, their models are equipped with high tech and innovative features. They are also in the higher price bracket because of their high quality features but it is worth every penny you spend for getting good quality.

Janome 234 234D Overlocker Manual

Janome Mylock 534 534D Overlocker Instruction Manual


These sewing machines are more fitted for beginners and novices as they offer basic machines that accommodate light and easy stitching. They are also easier on the pocket and a great investment for those who don’t want to spend so much.


Also one of the leading brands, Kenmore offers low-end to mid-range machines. These machines are exclusively sold at Sears and Kmart and don’t cost a lot.

Husqvarna Viking

These Swedish manufacturers offer high-tech and computerized sewing machines aiming to target the more tech-savvy and skilled sewers. They offer machines featuring top of the line computerized functions and even offer embroidery machines.

Husqvarna 6030 Operating Manual


This brand offers a lot of simple and basic machines for beginners and hobbyists. Although these machines are not laden with awesome and high tech features, they are very efficient and of high quality. Prices are also very budget friendly.


This Swiss manufacturer offer high quality sewing and embroidery machines. They target creative and ambitious audiences, catering to more skilled users.


With over 140 years of development, this brand is popular to a lot of users for its durability and functionality. It is known for being very durable, reliable and of high quality.

It’s Your Turn Now

With so many sewing machine brands and many models available from each of the sewing brands mentioned above, it could become a daunting task to narrow down to one particular brand or other. Also, as being a human being, we all have preferences and many times we tend to incline towards our favorite brand and sometimes we get influenced by word of mouth marketing and go for that brand. However, sometimes our decisions can lead us to wrong choice. So, for our readers, we have done all the heavy lifting work for you and narrowed down top 10 best sewing machines available out there in the market with good set of features, qualities and price points too to make your buying decision easy. Do check them out here and buy the sewing machine of your dreams.