Top 10 Sewing Baskets You Will Love

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Sewing baskets are a sewing room staple. A sewing box is not enough to carry all of your sewing supplies, so these sewing baskets are essential for any sewing room. You can use them to store your sewing machine or as a portable sewing kit that you can take with you on the go. So many people love crafting and enjoy it as an activity they do at home with their children, but there is often one problem – where to store everything? Sewing items like scissors, pins, threads, and needles need space to stay organized, which is why having the right kind of storage container is important! This article will help you find the best sewing basket for your needs!

Looking for the perfect sewing basket?

best sewing baskets
sewing baskets

You want something that is going to be durable and last through years of use from different people. You also want something that will have plenty of space in order to hold the large variety of your sewing supplies. Think about what size basket is right for your needs before purchasing one so it’s just not too small or too big! 

The key thing when looking at sewing baskets is figuring out what features are important to you and then finding the perfect match based on those criteria. Consider how much storage space you need, whether or not you would like a handle, and if there are any extra pockets included with the design.

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 Top 10 Best sewing baskets

1. SINGER 07276 Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories, Pink & Black *Price:$15.00 * Best Seller

The following is a list of items included in this portable sewing basket: 8″ All-purpose scissors (10), 100 dressmaker pins – Sz 17 1-1/16″, 10 tiny spools of thread, each with a total length of ten yards, and a needle threader to get you started. The carrying handle makes it easy for taking on projects wherever you go, while ample space below will store patterns or anything else that needs storing!

2. Dritz St. Jane Sewing Basket, Large Oval (metal handle)  *Price:$35.87

The perfect companion for your sewing needs, this bag has a magnetic snap closure and includes an inside pocket to store small items. With its color-coordinated handle trimming as well as lining material with metal handles in black wood-style finishing; it will be sure not to go unnoticed when walking around town!

3. Hobby Gift MRM/137 | Medium Sewing Basket Grey Spot Design*Price:$40.53

The perfect gift for your crafty friends, the Hobby Gift MRM/137 is a medium sewing basket that comes in a grey spot design. It’s made with cotton and measures 7″ x 10″, making it easy to find or store items inside!

4. Michley Sewing Basket with 41-PC Sewing Kit *Price:$24.81

Michley’s sew-and-sew basket is perfect for any crafted ideas. The removable plastic tray and carrying handle allow you to take your sewing kit anywhere, while the Owl patterned fabric inside makes this an ideal gift!

5. Large Sewing Box with Accessories Sewing Storage and Organizer with Complete Sewing Kit Tools, Navy

The stylish design of this sewing kit is perfect for anyone looking to be prepared with all the supplies they need. The eye-catching white and navy pattern on its exterior, as well as spacious storage area under a removable plastic tray in which you can stow away your thread when not using it, will make sure that any time spent crafting or mend gifts has been worthwhile!

6. Sewing Basket with Tulip Floral Print Design- Sewing Kit Storage Box with Removable Tray, Built-in Pin Cushion and Interior Pocket – Large – 12″ x 9″ x 6″ – by Adolfo Design*Price:$39.95

Make your fun with our easy-to-use sewing kit storage box constructed of high-quality materials. The convenient design and lightweight construction make it easy to carry, while the classic look ties this storage box in good company! Built-in features keep your tools organized for ultimate convenience.

7. Medium Sewing Box with Kit Accessories Sewing Basket Organizer with Supplies DIY Sewing Kits for Adults, Blue Polka Dots

Get the Blue Polka Dots medium sewing box with kit accessories. This handy storage device is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast, and it can be used as an awesome gift too! The 9.5 x 6.9 x 5inch wood design makes this portable packing station perfect whether you’re at home or on the go–it comes complete with tools to handle most basic repairs while also holding your supplies in stylish design features such as handles that make carrying easy no matter where life takes you.

8. Large Fabric Covered Sewing Basket with Insert Organizer from Tidy Crafts

This beautiful fabric-covered sewing basket is perfect for storing your favorite items and organizing the necessities. It has a sturdy bottom made from wood, so it won’t tip over or crack easily; there’s also an insert organizer tray along with enough space in between each layer to hold even more!

9. Wooden Sewing Basket with Accessories Sewing kit Compartments, 8.5 x 5.3 x 3Inches Price:$28.90

A perfect gift for anyone who loves to sew, the Wooden Sewing Basket is a high-quality wooden box with premium sewing supplies. This handy accessory can store and organize all of your thread or other crafting items in one place! It is only 8 1/2 x 5 3/4 inches by 3inch deep at its largest point and compartments.

10. SINGER 07281 Vintage Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories *Price:$23.99 *Amazon’s Choice

Looking for a sewing kit that is fun, durable, and versatile? The Vintage Sewing Basket by SINGER is a perfect choice. This large vintage print metal basket comes complete with 10 hand needles as well as 100 dressmaker pins! It also features interior storage space to keep your notions safe from messes while on the go or when you’re done working in one area of the house, just flip up its handle, so everything can easily go where they need to be without getting mixed.

Sewing baskets come in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that will meet your needs. You can also personalize them with fabric or embroidery – whether you want a sewing basket for yourself or as a gift for someone else. So next time you go looking for the perfect handmade craft project idea, don’t forget about these sewing baskets!

Top 10 Sewing Baskets You Will Love
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Top 10 Sewing Baskets You Will Love
Sewing baskets are a sewing room staple. A sewing box is not enough to carry all of your sewing supplies, so these sewing baskets are essential for…
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