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Dimensions: 17.2 x 8.2 x 12 inches

Weight: 20 pounds

Singer 9960 sewing machine with extension table, bonus accessories and hard cover can help you to achieve a designer- level perfection in your sewing projects. A computerized sewing machine with automatic and advanced features is what the modern day sewing lovers need to deal with their sewing projects in a sophisticated manner.

The pre-programmed sewing options that comes with Singer Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch (1000+ Stitch Function) computerized sewing  can handle a number of your sewing requirements like utility sewing, quilting jobs, decorative ideas, heir looming, and several other purposes.

This machine belongs to the computerized new generation sewing machines invented by Singer. The pre-programmed needle threader and top load drop-in type bobbin features are some of the outstanding features possessed by this machine. These features are very useful for professional purposes as well as for household uses. The machine is super-fast and simple in operation.

Features of Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

This advanced machine comes with 600 different sorts of built-in stitch styles including thirteen fully automated single-step buttonholes and five types of fonts offering several opportunities for implementing creative and professional grade sewing projects.

With this machines mirror imaging feature one can do stitch editing which will help to decide the exact appearance of the final product.  By simply touching the automatic thread trimmer the upper and lower threads can be trimmed after finishing sewing which will enable you to do your sewing works easily and quickly.

The machines electronic auto–pilot feature and the stitch speed control mechanism enables control of stitch speed and turn the projects simple and faultless.

A wide LCD display which is backlit will help you to adjust the machines adjustments very comfortably.  If you want to stitch lengthy pieces of fabric, the table width of this machine can be widened for your convenience.

The high quality bobbins will ensure an uninterrupted and flawless running of sewing thread. Loading the bobbin is a very easy task because it is possible to insert it from the upper/top part of the machine. A transparent cover provided with the bobbin case will make it convenient to observe the bobbin and the tread status while to sew with this machine.

All the required information regarding the stitches like the selected stitch option, length and width of the stitches, presser feet suitable for a particular job etc. will be put on show by the LCD display. This will help you to navigate among the preprogrammed stitches and will make your work easier. A quick reference chart provided on the top lid of this sewing machine, assists you to quickly go through its 600 pre-programmed stitches and select the required stitch needed by you.

The detachable free arm helps to deal with pant hems, cuffs, collars, sleeves and other areas which are difficult to work with.

One-step effortless buttonhole making is a highly reliable feature of this machine.  The buttonholes will be created in a perfectly balanced manner in the same alignment which will ensure consistent stitches and helps to prevent fabric flipping.

Numerous helpful accessories which include eighteen presser feet are accompanied with this machine to turn your sewing projects astonishing and productive ones.

Qualities of Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

The Singer 9960 sewing machine, quantum stylist comes with several computerized features which satisfy the needs of modern day sewers.

It comes with 600 types of pre-programmed stitch patterns which include five alpha-numeric characters and thirteen automatic single-step buttonholes with an elite buttonhole under plate, mirror image function, and stitch lengthening options which helps you to create your own custom outfits.

Setting up this high-tech machine for your work is made simple by providing features for easy threading, automatic selection of stitch length and stitch width, stitch review options, start-stop button, and stitch selector.

This product boasts to have an automatic thread trimmer operated with a single touch button that can automatically cut both the upper thread and lower thread once you finish sewing so that you can start working on the next sews.

Bonus features like automatic needle up and down option, drop feed, dual needle control, LCD display, automated tension adjustments, slow speed sewing option, elevated presser foot lifter, animated warning option and free arm are provided with this machine.

Mending works and embroidery works can be done using the darning and embroidery foot. Apart from these, there are several other options and accessories which will help you to achieve professional level precision and creativity in your sewing projects.

Pros of Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

Efficient and effortless sewing is possible with this machine. This high tech machine is optimally computerized to suit the needs of both beginners as well as sewing experts. The automatic thread cutter allows uninterrupted sewing which is one among the most praised feature of this machine. The bobbin winding mechanism is another option much preferred by the users.

The vast array of decorative stitches is rated as wonderful feature of this sewing machine. Users found the self-threading functions which saves their sewing time, one of the most useful among its options. The speed control mechanism gives the opportunity to work at different speed levels, right from very slow to very fast when one has to handle several types of sewing works. Programmable stitch patterns are really beautiful and provide professional touch to your sewing projects.

Cons of Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

Few machine owners reported about thread breaks and jamming thread in the bobbin area. The light above the foot and shank may strain your eyes and make the stitching an uneasy experience. Problems have been reported with the snap on feet and satin stitch foot.  But these problems may be considered as minor ones since there were no high volume issue reports.

Conclusion about Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

This product is very useful for novice as well as experienced users. The machine is very interesting to deal with and it owns the most sophisticated kind of features which are the characteristic of a high-end sewing machines. It is very easy to learn its operations and will help you to achieve professional-grade outputs. It is a wonderful machine to do basic sewing works and with this machine one can improve the sewing skills and achieve designer- level competence. Once you start using this machine you will definitely love this for its numerous decorative functions, and its simple and reliable working. You can accomplish your sewing dreams with a wide range of stitches suitable for garment making, home décor, decorative works and quilting. So we recommend you to try Singer 9960 sewing machine with full confidence.

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