Charles asks…

What year was the Durham sewing machine made?

This machine is lt brown in color and has a plastic case. It is a table top machine.

admin answers:

Probably in the 50′s.

Daniel asks…

Dose anyone know anything about a Sewmor Deluxe Sewing Machine Model # B48324?

This sewing machine my wife just recently picked up at a estate sell. We would like to know how old it might be and if there are any manuals for the machine. It is in a fold top enclouser table.

admin answers:

It’s a post-WWII badged machine sold in the US and made in Japan… I don’t know the model numbers, but many are similar to Singer machines of the era and a bit earlier — the manuals for a Singer 15, 66 or 99 may be of some use to you.

If you want the actual manual, I’d probably start with Linda at Relics or the good folks at the yahoo group “wefixit”. Photos of the machine would probably be useful.