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Dimensions: 13.8 x 6.3 x 10.6 inches

Weight: 1 pounds

Is Michley SS 602 the best sewing machine you are looking for? Let’s find it out here. Sewing machines are purchased by majority of the enthusiastic sewers with a desire to achieve professional grade perfection in their much cherished sewing projects. A machine which will help its user modify and mend their clothing and create new, designer level outfits and garment design is always sought for by the sewing lovers. Electronic stitching machines work quicker and precise when compared to conventional type manual machines.

Michley SS 602 Sew & Sew electronic sewing machine with 60 stitch functions is one of the best options for those who need an electronic sewing machine with modern features. This machine is launched with an array of helpful features which will fulfill most of the sewing requirements. To help you to create wonderful outfits without pain, this machine comes ready with options like twin thread and dual speed adjustments, forward and reverses sewing, and twelve different pre-programmed stitch patterns.

Features of Michley SS 602 Sew & Sew

Michley SS 602 features 12 built-in stitch designs. Length and width of these patterns can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Forward and reverse stitching is possible with this machine and the sewing speed can be adjusted to two levels and the machine can be operated by means of the foot pedal or the hand switch. The machine is the light weight also. Twin speed settings and twin thread features will make your sewing work much simpler than ever before. There are useful features  like the  a free arm option  for sewing cuffs and sleeves, single-step button fitting feature,  etc are  associated with this multipurpose sewing machine. This electronic sewing machine features an automatic thread rewind mechanism and it comes with a needle threader, two numbers of bobbins, 2 thread spools, adaptor etc. By making use of five more styles, the length and width of the stitch patterns or designs can be changed. It needs DC 12V for its efficient functioning. This machine is well-built and perfectly designed for tacking button and sewing sleeves. Other accessories which come along with this product to help you in operating this sewing machine are pedals thread bag, one drawer, an adaptor, thread cutter etc. which you will find really helpful during the course of your work.

Qualities of Michley SS 602 Sew & Sew

You can create gorgeous outfits with the help of this product which possess twelve built-in stitches. You can create more designs or pattern by adjusting the length and width of the stitches. It has got 60 numbers of stitch functions for you to choose from. The user can operate the machine very easily by using the foot pedal or the hand switch. This machine makes your sewing projects enjoyable and comfortable with the double thread facility, twin speed arrangements, and an automated thread rewind a useful tension dial which is numbered. An LED light is positioned at the working space to supply sufficient lighting to the sewing area, so that you will be able to work even without the presence of any external lighting arrangement. A wide array of efficient and convenient options, make this machine an ideal option for most of the sewing purposes.Top of FormBottom of Form

Pros of Michley SS 602 Sew & Sew

This electronic sewing machine is very light weight and easy to transport so that you can take it along with you every where without difficulty. Some of the plus points of this machine are that it comes with a drop in type bobbin, possess a reverse stitch option, a free arm for stitching sleeves, option to run the machine by using the foot pedal or by means of a hand switch and there are number of stitch pattern for you to try. This machine can turn your sewing work a perfect job with its twin thread and dual speed, automated thread rewinding mechanism, forward and backward stitches, and its pre-set sew patterns. Using five different styles, the sewing length and breadth of the designs can be modified to suit your requirements.

With the diverse features possessed by this machine, it can be rated as a perfect machine for making sleeves and fitting different types of buttons. It comes with many useful accessories which will help the user to operate this machine with ease.

Cons of Michley SS 602 Sew & Sew

There are a few reports which points out this 1.3 star rated machine’s drawbacks and difficulties faced by the users when they tried this machine for executing their sewing projects.

One main issue reported about this product is the shortage of accessories and options that accompany the machine. Most of the other sewing machines available in the market come with replacement needles, many types of presser feet options for different functions, and a wide range of useful accessories/ items that this machine does not provide.

Another problem is that length and width on the stitching is hard to set.  It is also reported that it is a bit difficult with this machine to work on tough and heavy duty fabric and you have to struggle for piercing the fabric.

Bobbin winding may be felt slow when compared to other sewing machines. The machine is not so silent and some people have reported that it may tremble when you run it.

Conclusion about Michley SS 602 Sew & Sew

Though this product received only an average rating by its users, if you want to have an electronic sewing machine with modern features so as to make your sewing projects an easy task, you can definitely rely upon the Michley SS 602 Sew & Sew electronic sewing machine with 60 stitch functions as its advanced features will satisfy most of your sewing requirements.

This machine is easy to be carried since it is very light weight and any sewing machine cover with space for extra items will be just suitable for this. Since this sewing machine comes with a lot of useful functions you can perform your usual sewing projects as well new creative works, especially with lighter cloths much easily and comfortably. You will be able to come out with flying colours in your sewing projects if you go for this machine with multiple functions.