We have put together some FAQs regarding Juki Sewing Machines.

Why am I breaking my sewing machine needles?

I have a new Juki TL98Q on a gracie frame with a gracie stitch regulator. I have just put everything together and every time I try to quilt I break a needle. I have my feed dogs down, my tension as low as it can go, what am I doing wrong?


Put your foot down (no material) and turn the needle slowly by hand down to see where it is hitting and breaking..check to be sure you have it on straight stitching not zigzag and centered (I know this sounds silly, but can happen)..once you see where it is hitting you will know what is causing the problem making it easier to solve the problem. Be sure your needle has been replaced correctly. This should not be a tension problem. Pull the threads to ensure both top and bobbin threads pull freely..if not, rethread the whole thing.

Donna asks…

Buying new needles for sewing machine ?

I have a juki ddl-8700, it’s an industrial one if that should matter, and I broke my needle yesterday and I was wondering where can I buy a needle to replace my broken one. I tried Walmart last night and bought the wrong kind. The needle that came with the sewing machine doesn’t have a flat top surface, it’s a curvy one.

Thanks in advance.




Shows the manufacturer’s sheet on the machine Looks like they want a DB-1 or DA-1 needle system, depending on the submodel.

However, industrial machines may have been retimed to a different needle system, so it would probably be best to take the existing needle (assuming it sewed ok) to a dealer familiar with industrial needles. Or look on the shank very carefully for designators.

I doubt you’re going to find a DB-1 needle system needle in Walmart.

Home sewing machines in the last 40 years or so all use a single needle system — variously called 130/705 or 15×1 or HAx1 or a number of other designators. These needles also have flat backs, so you can only get them in frontwards or backwards but never a little twisted. Round shanked industrial needles have to be put in straight.

AFAIK, Juki usually uses Organ needles in their machines — a good Japanese needle brand that’s tons cheaper than Schmetz if you buy them by the hundred. I think the last Organs I bought were about $10.00/hundred

Lizzie asks…

JUKI 654de Serger – what type of needles are used?

Hello, I realized that some people here own jukie 654de. I am interested in getting this serger and there are a few that come with a “bonus” – 100 needles, 6 to 8 feet and some other stuff. I was wondering if it worth paying $100 more for those “bonuses.” Could anyone tell me what type of needles does this serger use? regular sewing machine needles or something else?

Thank you


The Juki MO654DE uses regular sewing machine needles. When I bought my serger last year, I signed up for a one semester class at the local community college. The instructor was known to me and I was sure that she’d get me through what I dreaded the most-threading. I now love the serger and use it without fear.

I know that there are optional accessory feet for my serger but I’ve never needed one. For normal clothing construction, the feet that come standard are fine.

My instructor told all of use to buy “universal” style needles for the serger. I never, ever use those for regular sewing because I always choose a point specifically for the fabric and task. However, Ms. Stanley was right as usual. “Universal” needles work perfectly in the serger. I also remember from my days as a tech that the Juki machines spend little time in the shop and they’re easy for the owner to clean and lubricate.

In terms of whether the “bonuses” are worth it, check with a dealer and see what they would charge for those items individually.

I paid about $500 for my machine via eBay. It was drop shipped directly from Juki. The seller was an industrial machine dealer.

Jenny asks…

Why does my bobbin thread get all tangled and break on my sewing machine?

Ok, I want to throw this thing out this second story window. I have a Juki DDL-8500 industrial machine and I can’t get it to sew! My bobbin thread gets all tangled under my fabric and then breaks my top thread, or something! I don’t know what it is but I can get it to about four stitches before it becomes a mess. I changed the needle and the bobbin case is clean and I took out the needle plate and it’s all clean. Please help me…


Sounds like either misthreading or not hanging on to the thread tails for a couple of stitches. Review your manual and rethread, manual in hand.

MAKE SURE THE THREAD IS ACTUALLY IN THE UPPER TENSION ASSEMBLY. Floss it in and then pull to verify there is tension.