Janome 8077 Sewing Machine Reviews – Make Your Sewing Adorable

Price: $299 with Free Shipping. Weight: 20.5 pounds

Janome 8077 sewing machine can make your sewing work perfect and adorable. Though this is a 1.3 star rated machine you can see a lot of advantages over the old and conventional type sewing machines. Only thing is that it may look inferior if you compare this machine with ultra-modern machines available in the market. One thing to say about this machine is that it is very strong, durable and last for years.  This product is robust and easy to operate with speed control and suits well for a beginning seamstress, professionals or experienced sewers. They are quite affordable Janome machines with so many features.

Janome 8077 sewing machine possesses thirty different decorative stitches which assure quality stitching, which suits well for basic sewing purposes as well as decorative and more detailed works. The automatic threader, speed control, reverse stitch option, start stop button are some of the features of this highly useful sewing machine which will make your sewing projects a great experience within a very short period of time. This machine is designed with so many options for the embroidery lovers and one can do fantastic embroidered patterns and decorative stitches with the help of this excellent sewing machine. it is great for thick fabrics like denim, sheer fabrics, or stretch fabrics. They are many extra features with this particular model.

Here is a link to the free manual if you need it!

Features of Janome 8077 Sewing Machine

This computerized sewing machine comes with a very good combination of useful features. It is very user friendly with many advanced automatic features and comes with its stitches and many other options pre-programmed in the machines memory.

It’s threading mechanism is easily adjustable so that one can finish the threading job without straining eyes and without wasting time. This high-tech machine has 30 well designed out stitches. These stitches include six single-step Buttonholes which can be used for creating buttonholes which fits exactly for different sized buttons which you prefer to sew.

This product is provided with a stitch selctor LED monitor with which you can easily choose required stitches and you can also adjust the width and length of the stitches as per your requirements width and length by pressing the button. The LED monitor also shows the number of the selected stitch in its two-digit display.

One can execute the sewing works without using the foot control since the machine has a start-stop button. The bobbin winding adjustment is smooth and easy to work with and quicker and jam resistant in performance. The bobbin winder can be pressed to the right side of the machine, you will see that the needle movement is stopped and the bobbin winding is done automatically.  Reverse stitching option is another feature of this machine which you will find helpful once you start using this machine.

This sewing machines feeding mechanism assures excellent feeding of fabrics right from the light weight fabric to tough and heavy fabric. There is a precision dial for tension adjustments which will let you achieve precision tension which will make your sewing projects more interesting.

Automatic Buttonhole foot, Zipper foot, Seam Ripper, Bobbins, Needles, Spool Caps, Spool Pin, Screwdriver, etc. are also provide with this product. There are three different setting for adjusting presser feet height. These include standard down position which is the normal position, and can be adjusted to an up position for removing or inserting your fabrics, and to an extra high up level for managing thick or multilayered fabric. Presser feet pressure cannot be set manually and the machine can handle both light weight fabrics and heavy-duty fabrics.

Qualities of Janome 8077 Sewing Machine

These machines are trusted for their advanced features, and classy designs. They belong to the present day version of sewing machines which adopts the latest trends and modern technologies to keep themselves in pace up with the time to satisfy the requirements of the embroidery lovers. This computerized machine can store the new patterns designed by you in their memory and can be used for future uses.

The easy needle and bobbin threading procedure and the fabric feeding system is very simple and useful is working with the help of which you can do precise stitches and manage the fabric while you work much easily. The machine can handle almost all kinds of cloths.

The drop feed mechanism will make you comfortable when you do large scale projects or carry out quilting works. It is really simple to use and the machine run quite effortlessly without creating much noise or shaking movements.

Pros of Janome 8077 Sewing Machine:

Janome is a well-known brand and one among the most trusted sewing machines makers and markets sewing machine of high quality and advanced features. This sewingmachine is reliably strong and sturdy in its make. The parts are very strong and durable.  The needle and bobbin threader feature is a very helpful feature possessed by this machine and is automatic and fast in operation. This is a smooth and quite running sewing machine that you can rely upon for many years. Though there are only thirty stitches for you to select they are amazing ones which you can use to make your sewing ventures successful.

Only a few sewing machines available in the market at present have special features suitable for embroidery works. The Janome 8077 equip you with a unique set of embroidery options. You can observe the bobbin while you work on this machine, and you will be able to decide when to replace the bobbin while you sew. Possessing a computerized machine means you have many automatic options at your hands which will make your sewing projects really comfortable and wonderful experiences.

You will also feel that the technical part of sewing is now at your own finger tips. The instructions regarding running  this machine is clearly depicted in the instruction manual accompanying the product and is provided with clear instructions, which are easy to follow and will help you to learn the machines operation without any external help. Considering the price and different sets of features available, Janome 8077 sewing machine is a very good choice if you are looking for a computerized machine with in -built features.

Cons of Janome 8077 Sewing Machine

There are some reports from the users that a few stitches available with Janome 8077 sewing machine are not straight. Some expertise in working with sewing machines is required for handling this machine with ease. Though it has got many advanced features, those who are new to sewing may find it difficult to learn its features completely. So, this machine is more suitable for experienced, professional sewers and people familiar with previous version of not-so-advanced sewing machines. This product comes with only two types of speed options so it is a little bit difficult to get acquainted with this machine especially if you are familiar with other new generation sewing machines with advanced features.


This product is noted by the users for their advanced features and since it uses the latest technology and well-designed options, it is accepted as a worth purchasing machine. This machine is invented with the latest trends and advanced technologies and is up- to-date with useful functions and is extremely useful for embroidery lovers. With the help of this marvelous product, one can create beautiful designs and unique patterns for infants, or for decorated outfits, which will bring colors to the life. Janome 8077 sewing machine is very comfortable to deal with and it owns the most refined features which are the characteristic of modern day sewing machines.

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