How to Thread a Sewing Machine

how to thread a sewing machineHow to Thread a Sewing Machine is a common question which comes to mind when you are starting with learning how to sew. Common sense dictates that what you need to thread a needle is a good eye and a steady hand. However, if you employ that in threading the needle of your sewing machine, then that could give you serious ruminations and problems. Threading a sewing machine is more than just getting the thread through the needle hole. You have to pass your thread through a series of hooks before you can say you’re done.

While it may all sound complicated and daunting, threading your sewing machine is actually pretty simple once you get a hang of it. It may take you a while in your first few tries and you’ll probably be checking your guide or manual for assurance but once you do this on a regular basis, this should be a breeze for you. It’s like riding a bike, once you know how to do thread your sewing machine, it will come back to you no matter how long you have been away from doing it.

We have prepared a simple guide for you to follow in threading your sewing machine. This is easy to follow even when you are not familiar with terminologies used by more advanced sewers. Every sewing machine is different from each other though so what could be described may not be exactly similar to your sewing machine. However, the method in doing is the same and you can still follow the basic guidelines.

Before anything else, you have to understand that your sewing machine uses two sources of thread. The primary source comes from the spool which can be found at the top of your machine. The secondary source is from the bobbin which is normally found in the underside of your machine, commonly below the needle. You need to make sure that both your spool and bobbin have sufficient thread in order for you to be able to sew uninterrupted. You can buy your spools of thread from the store but you have to get your thread onto the bobbin yourself.

Learn Threading a Sewing Machine Using Tips on How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Step 1: Winding your Bobbin

  1. Take the needle out for safety precautions. When you wind your bobbin, your needle will go up and down. Not only is it annoying, it is also potentially dangerous.
  2. Remove the bobbin from the underside of the machine. The bobbin is usually located below the needle. The thread from the bobbin supplies the thread for the underside of your stitches.
  3. Take the covering off from the bobbin. You normally just slide this off. Some covers will have a small release lever before you can slide the bobbin out. The bobbin should be empty and shouldn’t have any other thread.
  4. Place your thread on the spool pin at the top of the machine.
  5. Pull out the thread from your spool and wind it around the winding disc also located at the top of your machine. The placement of the disc may vary for different machines. The winding disc looks like a little round nubbin that has a crevice where you can wrap your thread around it.
  6. Take the thread and secure it on your bobbin. There is a catch in your bobbin where you can loop the thread. Be sure to wind the bobbin a couple of times.
  7. Place the bobbin on the bobbin pin right next to the spool pin. The bobbin pin is smaller than the spool pin and has a lock that keeps the bobbin in place.
  8. Press the foot pedal or the bobbin winding button to start winding the bobbin with thread. You may have to hold your spool of thread if your sewing machine doesn’t have a lock that will secure the spool of thread. Normally your bobbin will stop winding if it is already full but you can also visually see this for yourself.
  9. Once the bobbin is full, cut the thread joining your spool and bobbin.
  10. Remove the bobbin from the bobbin pin. You can leave the spool on the spool pin but unwind any excess thread from the winding disc.

Step 2: Threading your Spool

  1. Return the needle to its place. You have taken this out earlier upon winding your bobbin. Secure it safely back.
  2. Make sure that your spool is securely positioned in the spool pin.
  3. Start pulling the thread to the left towards a hook which looks like a silver piece sticking on top of your machine.
  4. Pull the thread down towards a tension disc at the bottom and then pull it back up. This will create a narrow V shaped look for the thread.
  5. Pull the thread into the second hook at the top of the machine. You will need to out the thread through a relatively big enough hole. Don’t worry, it’s not as small as the hole for the thread and should be easier to get it through.
  6. Pull the thread down towards the needle. Secure the thread by pulling it behind a small hook on top of the needle base.
  7. Make sure that your needle is up so you can thread it easily. If it isn’t, turn the hand wheel at the right of the machine slowly until the needle hole is clearly visible.
  8. Put the thread through the needle hole. You will now need your steady hand and good eye to do this feat. Or you can use a needle threader for your convenience.
  9. Once you are done with this, pull the thread through the metal foot directly beneath the needle. You are now done with threading your spool.

Step 3: Threading your Bobbin

  1. Put the cover of bobbin back into place. Remember to unwind enough thread from the bobbin for you to finish the threading. The thread goes through a slit in the bobbin cover.
  2. Place the bobbin back into place. Be sure that when placing the bobbin back, it will spin counter clockwise. Also be mindful of the lock that will hold the bobbin securely in place.
  3. Close the lid of the underside of your machine. This is where the bobbin is usually found. Be sure that there is excess thread hanging from the bobbin in its place.
  4. Turn the hand wheel on the left so that your needle will move down and then back up. This will bring the thread from your bobbin at the top where you can see it.
  5. Pull the thread from your bobbin and spool to the left. Cut any excess thread.

You are now done threading your sewing machine! That wasn’t so difficult, was it? In the next few tries, you will be able to do this faster and with more confidence for sure. But always be mindful of your safety when handling your sewing machine, whether it’s just threading it or doing the actual sewing.

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Safety Precautions on How to Thread a Sewing Machine – Threading a Sewing Machine Safely Like a Pro

Remember to turn off your sewing machine when you take out the needle or return it back. This is to avoid any accidents that may happen. You could accidentally step on your foot pedal causing the needle to move. It is always best to be cautious and remain safe at all times. Happy threading and happy sewing.