Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.2 x 12 inches

Weight: 14.5 pounds

If you are in search of a superfast sewing machine with advanced & automatic features, Singer 5532 is the right choice. This machine is strong and has many convenient features which you will find very useful to carry out large scale sewing projects and quilting works and it can be easily operated even by novices or beginners. A good sewing machine will help you to complete your sewing projects quickly and easily with a short period of time.

Features of Singer 5532

The most outstanding feature of Singer 5532 machine is the high stitching speed. This machine can perform 1000 stitches in a minute and with this feature you will be able to achieve expert speed and finish your projects within a short span of time. The product comes with a strong metal frame which makes it sturdy and you will not feel shaking movements while you work with this machine and the fabric skipping will not trouble you anymore.

The fabric can be fed easily with the help of a fine bed plate made of stainless steel which lets you do precise and balanced stitches.

There are eleven stitch patterns programmed in this machine including utility stitches, straight stitches, a four step automatic buttonhole and decorative stitches.

The bobbin system is well designed so that it is quite easy to load the bobbin. The bobbin can be dropped in from the top side of the machine. The bobbin system is also provided with a transparent cover.

This machine is meant for use in United States and Canada only and needs 110v for proper functioning and long life. This machine is highly suitable for heavy duty sewing which can accommodate heavy duty fabrics. The metal frame, bedplate made of stainless steel, and the high power motor makes this machine best suited for working with tough cloths. Other useful features helpful for heavy duty sewing you can find with this machine include, a special feed for free motion stitching, and pressure foot control etc.

The eleven in built stitches with length and width adjustments are extremely useful for a wide range of sewing requirements including utility stitches and decorative ideas. The machine is provided with a free-arm with storage space, presser foot control, and the machine can be mounted in a cabinet if needed.The warranty is 25 years for household, educational or commercial use. 

Qualities of Singer 5532

This 3.9 star rated singer 5532 sewing machine comes with a wide array of useful features. The detachable sewing plate offers storage space for accessories which keeps them available at your fingertips.

The machine has a provision for reverse stitching and reinforce sewing and this feature is very useful for garment making. These features are automatic in function so that you can work so fast with ease.

You can set the width of your stitches up to 5mm which will impart and bold and elegant touch your projects. You can finfish your projects before your targeted time because this machine can stitch at pace of 1000 stitches/minute i.e., much quicker than many of the high end machines available today. It is possible to use delicate materials on this machine by controlling the presser foot.

If your project includes stitching several layers of thick fabric, the foot lifter will provide more clearance. This product offers three different needle positions for doing individual tasks like cording, sipper insertion and topping. The length of your stitches can be adjusted to desired level by turning the dial provided for the purpose.

Accessories which comes with the machine includes different type of feet like an all-Purpose Foot, one buttonhole Foot, a seam Ripper, zipper foot, one set of needles,  button fixing Foot, quilting instructions,  spool caps, screwdriver, bobbins,  spool Pin,  cover etc.

Pros of Singer 5532

If you are about to do mending ones or you want to create a new garment,  the Singer 5532 sewing machine can help you out with its advanced features. The automatic needle threader is great time saving part of this machine. This feature together with the high stitching speed of 1000 sews per minute will help you finish your work faster than expected. More features:

  • An array of 32 in built stitches provides you a great opportunity to experiment and create your own unique products.
  • It will take only 6 seconds you get whole of your threading jobs done right from threading the spool to needle and is facilitated by the automated needle threader function of this super strong sewing machine.
  • Its bobbin system is also rated as very efficient and it is very easy to insert from the top part of the machine. The transparent cover enables to watch the thread status of the bobbin when you work with this machine.
  • The bobbin mechanism of this machine is easy to operate, and the bobbin winding will be paused when you reach the maximum packing of the bobbin with your thread. So the problem of over packing the bobbin is out of question.
  • The free-arm feature helps to handle your work on sleeve fitting and stitching cuffs. The detachable cost-free arm allows you to stitch cuffs & sleeves. It is easy to sew button holes and to do button fixings one you purchase this ideal machine.
  • Bold and elegant decorative stitches will help to add attractive extra designs to your sewn products. When you go for stitching multi layered cloths or tough cloths, the presser foot can be adjusted to create more space for the cloth by means of the foot lifter. You can use this machine mounted to your shelves also.

Cons of Singer 5532

This sewing machines bobbin which is made of metal is one area which invited criticism from its users. Besides this, the lighting arrangement provided with the machine is felt dim and one has to go for additional external lights for doing minute details. The instruction manual needs to include the methods of doing circular stitches as suggested by some of the users.

Light-weight materials are prone to cluster formation. It will be highly helpful if that is incorporated in the user’s manual. The diagram provided for threading the machine needs to be more clear and easy to follow. It is also reported that the quality of the decorative stitches is not so satisfactory and the machine cannot be considered as a heavy duty machine. All these are not supported by more reports.


The Singer 5532 heavy duty sewing machine is a multipurpose machine which can be put to use for a variety of uses. If you are looking forward to some sewing work or would like to go to implement a new project, this Singer 5532 sewing machine is a really an excellent sewing machine. This machine can be operated super fast and it helps you to save time and effort and is well suited for novice users as well professionals. This is an excellent machine worth purchasing.