Sewing Machine Maintenance – Facts To Be Aware Of

Carol asks…

my electric sewing machine has become noisy, what do i do to get back to it’s “silent” performance?

i acquired this sewing machine from my aunt. at first it was the silent kind when i used it. but now, it irritates me because it has become the noisy one. could anyone give me advise on how to do something about it. i also need maintenance tips for it. thanks.

admin answers:

Some times it is lint that has accumulated in the area of the bobbin case that is causing noise. A bent, dull or wrong size needle can also cause a “thumping” noise.

Squeaking can be a a belt needs to be replaced or old lubricant needs replacing.

You can clean and oil, but it would be best to have the rest of the maintenance done by a sewing machine repair person.

You may be able to find a manual for your machine on-line that would include maintenance.

This video may be of help –

Donald asks…

why does the foot pedal on my sewing machine get hot?

This is an older Singer made in the 60s. I do regular maintenance on it (cleaning, oiling).

admin answers:

Because the pedal is getting hot there is likely a partially broken wire or a loose connection, such as a loose screw that is causing the heating. Any poor (loose) electrical connection will cause heating because of the resistance. Check to see that all connections including screws are solid.

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