Overlock Sewing Machines – Easy To Use And Efficient

For many years, Overlock sewing machines have been providing home stitched clothing businesses which are mostly home based an opportunity to produce the finest quality of stitched clothing, all over the world. Known as ‘Sergers’, many a times, these Overlock machines are very easy to handle and are extremely efficient. They are far better than the normal basic home sewing machines and can perform stitching tasks with much more intricacy and can also add a tint of professionalism into the workmanship. These sewing machines have over years helped thousands of people to make a living by stitching clothes directly from their homes.

With two loopers and one needle, Overlock sewing machines are capable of producing the finest quality of stitched materials. Many garments that are available in the market for purchase are mostly stitched using an Overlock sewing machine. In general, there are two models in which Overlock sewing machines are available- Industrial and Household.

Household vs Industrial Overlock Sewing Machines

Household Overlock sewing machines are basic yet reliable and efficient. Industrial Overlock sewing machines, on the other hands are swift, sturdy and definitely efficient. These sewing machines are very easy to handle and are also portable. It is even possible to place an industrial version of Overlock sewing machine on a table and put a motor along to quicken the entire procedure of stitching and sewing clothes.

Traditional spool is not used in both the versions of these sewing machines, instead thread cones are used. Three threads cones are placed simultaneously and are named as – bottom looper, top looper, and needle thread. There are many accessories and attachments available for this type of sewing machine as well. One can buy these accessories from near by stores and shops. These accessories can help enhance the working mechanism of this sewing machine. Most of the industrial models of overlook sewing machines come along with foot pedals. Knife is also provided along with the needle, for giving proper dimensions to the fabric being stitched.

It is very important to sharpen the knife from time to time, as it becomes blunt very fast. It is necessary to oil the machinery regularly, for ensuring its smooth functioning. Overlock sewing machine is ideal for anyone who wants workmanships that are of both high quality and professional. Another good thing is that they are available at very affordable prices and anyone can easily buy it. These Sergers are extremely popular and are being used globally and they have been around for hundreds of years.