Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sewing Machine review – Affordable and Cheap

A machine with more than one function is really desired by everybody. This is one of those sewing machines that have got all the features you need as a beginner. Just set up the machine for your favorite stitches and you are away The price is really affordable and you can purchase it with a little saving.

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Price: under $100 & FREE Shipping
Dimensions: 10.8 x 4.8 x 10.2 inches
Weight: 4.7 pounds


To understand a product better, it is essential to know its features. This machine consists of the following features that are rarely found in other machines.

LED light: This machine has the light that you need to work with excellence. This feature shows that you have purchased something new and full of invention. The color of the material used will be the color of the light. So the light color might vary in accordance with the situation.

Save your money: Do not waste your money and the time which is money itself on going to the market and searching for it over the internet. This machine is the best choice. If you have access to it just purchase it to get the attractive stitches and designs on your clothes.

Double efficiency: This machine will provide you with the most accurate and strong stitching swiftly. It has an agile needle that keeps going and performs its functions until you finish. It also uses double thread that makes sure there are durable stitches on the item.

Pre-built functions: There exist eight built-in stitch patterns that help you to embroider your favorite clothes anytime you want. Just select the pattern that you need to be on the clothing / item and it will be there with it in no time.

Sew to and fro: Whether you sew at the forward or backward position, this machine is really flexible to do so. You will enjoy sewing on this machine. Nobody can deny its importance. No matter, where you have to sew and keep your needle, it is really easy and smooth to do so.

Lesser weight: Unlike other machines, it is really simple to lift up and to place it in another place. The material used to produce it is real and reduces its weight so any person with very little force can change its position. To understand more about this feature, it is crucial to practically see the difference in weight of this and other machines.

Keep your things in the drawer: This machine comes with a lot of facilities that an amateur tailor needs to sew. The drawer in it will help you to get the desired results from the machine. You can keep scissors, a pack of needles, threads, and other things in it.

Other facilities:  They include the thread cutter, pedal to run the machine, hand switch and other likewise things.


  •  Outstanding performance
  •  Efficient use of thread
  • Cheap price
  • User friendly
  • Easy to use
  •  Performs many functions


  •  Hidden charges for the extra products

What customers say about it?

The need to know the feedback of the customers is very crucial. They are using the machine and can provide a good understanding of it. The feedback score provided by them is very significant. They have scored it four and a half that is quite reasonable and shows how well it performs.


A good deal for a great price.

<<Check the price and reviews on Amazon>>