Make a sewing machine cover from our pattern for your vintage machine

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Making a sewing machine cover for your vintage machine is an easy way to keep it safe and free from dust.

Finding a store bought cover that snugly fits your sewing machine can be an arduous task. Not to mention, the cheap vinyl they use usually becomes brittle over time – far from aesthetically pleasing for any sewing room!

Plus, creating a custom cover gives you the chance to add your own personal style and flair to the project.

Here are some simple steps to make a great looking customized cover:

1. Measure your machine carefully so you know what size to make the cover. You’ll need both length and width measurements in order to cut the fabric correctly.

2. Choose lightweight fabric that will not obstruct the movement of your machine. If possible, select material with a pattern or design that appeals to you and coordinates with your other décor items in the sewing room where you work on projects with your sewing machine.

3. To make the cover, cut two pieces of fabric that match the width and length measurements you took earlier. Place them right sides together and pin them.

4. Sew around three edges, leaving an opening on one side for turning the fabric right side out. Trim corners before turning to reduce bulkiness when finished.

5. Turn the fabric right-side out and press it flat with an iron. Make sure to press in the seams from both sides so they lay flat against your machine when placed inside the cover later on.

6. Whipstitch or slip stitch the opening closed and add any other embellishments or decorations you would like for added style points (optional). Finally, slip the cover over your machine and enjoy having a unique, vintage-style protective layer for your favorite sewing machine!

Remember to add fusible fleece to all your pieces for extra protection and stability for your cover.

Happy sewing!