Juki Sewing Machine – Facts To Be Aware Of

Lizzie asks…

what do juki sewing machines work for?

a sewing machine mad b the brand juki

admin answers:

Juki has a couple of basic lines; the home sewing machines and sergers line, which are well constructed general purpose machines suitable for home use, and the industrial line, which is mainly special purpose machines suitable for high speed production.

They also make the TL-98q straight stitch machine, which is basically a slightly lighter duty version of an industrial lockstitch machine, popular with quilters. It only does straight stitch, but will take industrial feet.

And they’re now getting into surface mount technology for electronics production, as well as the sewing machine line.

I’m unsure of the information you want. Would you please revise your question?

Laura asks…

Household sewing machine, Juki or Singer?

which one is better? and which model?

with resonable price ( around 200$ )

admin answers:

Of the machines I’ve tried recently, I’d take Juki over Singer. Http://www.allbrands.com/products/abp12691-2512.html would be in your price range. I’ve only sewn for a couple of hours on a friend’s HZL-25, but I was impressed. I do sew on two Juki sergers and am very impressed with the quality and performance of those machines.

More: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100516223306AAHNY2H — at the time I wrote this, I hadn’t worked on a Juki sewing machine much… Now I’d amend my original recommendation for inexpensive and new to Juki and Janome. Juki is not widely advertised or distributed in the US, but at least in my area, the repair shops don’t seem to have any trouble with service.

Jenny asks…

I have a sewing machine “Juki ddl-555″ i want to sew leather, what kind of needle and thread should i buy ?

The leathers I have are no thick, but it doesn’t look nice and very resistant with a regular thread… i know i can change the needle and thread, but noooo idea what i should buy…help pleaseee!!!!! i want to make my own bags:)

admin answers:

This is an industrial machine and uses 16×257 system needles.

Here’s a couple of places that you can order needles for it:



For leather you need a heavy needle, like a size 18 and a heavier thread like 12 weight.

Carol asks…

I am trying to get a sewing machine which is able to sew leather as well.?

I want to sell my items.Then I m wondering Should I have a serger for making sellable items? I want to get easier one for saving money if having serger isn’t necessary.

I also wanna hear the opinions for “JUKIsewing machines.

admin answers:

Sergers are the fastest way to make a professional-looking sewn product. However, home sergers (and sewing machines) are not waranteed for use in businesses. And they’re generally too slow to work in a growing business.

If you’re looking to save money and use a home sewing machine, look for a good used machine.

Some leathers can be sewn on home sewing machines easily — pigsuede is a common example. Other leathers may require specialized sewing equipment, probably commercial or industrial.

Juki’s a well-respected name in the commercial/industrial sewing world. Other than their sergers (which are quite good, imo), I’ve not used their home sewing machines, so can’t really speculate on them. I have, however, used a TL98q, which is their portable light industrial straight stitcher. Very nice to use.

Suggested reading: http://www.fashion-incubator.com

Carol Ahles: Fine Machine Sewing

John Giordano: The Sewing Machine Book

Gale Grigg Hazen: Owners Guide to Sewing Machines, Sergers and Knitting Machines.

Sandra asks…

How can reset the timing in my juki industrial machine. It is jammed and not sewing.?

admin answers:

Go to this link


Then go to pg 45-46 I presume you have a DDL-555 the timing is the same.

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