Helping Your Child use a sewing machine

The sewing machine is a great way to help your child gain sewing skills. If sewing is new to you, look for a good sewing class in your area and take the class together.

Reading patterns will be helpful as well. There are so many different sewing machines on the market now that it’s hard to decide which one is best for the money; quality versus price!

Sewing Machines are a big investment, but they can last for decades if taken care of properly.

A few secrets:

* Sewing machines need oil once every year or two. Check your sewing machine instruction book to see what kind of oil you should use and where you pour it into on the machine.

* Clean and oil your sewing machines needles regularly with a cloth and sewing machines oil to make sewing run smoothly and easier. (Remember to set your sewing machine to a “wool” sewing setting if sewing with thick wool like the garment in this tutorial)

Did you know that sewing machines needles are just as important as sewing machine feet? When sewing, start with a new needle every 2 – 3 projects that you sew for best results.