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Best Sewing Machine Brands – Facts To Be Aware Of

Carol asks… what is the best sewing machine brands? hi i’m looking to buy a sewing machine and need it to make clothes , handbags and thick fabrics like denim and leather and have a buget of $ 300 and i’m 14 and live in australia . thanks admin answers: The top 3 brands are … Continue reading

Sewing Machine Table – Facts To Be Aware Of

Paul asks… What is the value of a Sears Sewing Machine table? I have a table from a Sears Sewing Machine, model # 117 332. No sewing machine, just the table, in reasonable shape except that part of one hinge is missing (the top unfolds to make additional workspace.) Does anyone have an idea of … Continue reading

Kids Sewing Machine Janome – Facts To Be Aware Of

Helen asks… i am trying to decide on a sewing and embroidery machine. help!!!!!!!!? i am a true beginner and am really wanting to start making my kids‘ clothes and monogramming. i went to a dealer here, and they recommended the janome 350e embroidery machine along with the janome 7330 sewing machine. she quoted me … Continue reading

Used Sewing Machines For Sale – Facts To Be Aware Of

Linda asks… Do you know of any good sewing machines (preferably on sale) in Wellington, New Zealand? I want to buy a machine for sewing my clothes, curtains, etc. with a bit of embroidery work. I am confused which machine should i purchase (mechanical/computerized/etc etc). I want to utilize christmas sales so please if you … Continue reading

Overlock Sewing Machine Ebay – Facts To Be Aware Of

Ruth asks… How much should I sell my Yamata FY900 Sewing machine on ebay for? I also have a case of 18 big overlock thread spools…(I have NO sewing experience so I dont know if I wrote that right) It is brand new….never used…I got it as a bday present a few years ago and … Continue reading