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Are you on the lookout for Bernina sewing machine reviews so that you could buy one for yourself? Then you have come to the right place. Bernina has always been one of the best sewing machine brands in the world. This Swiss sewing machine manufacturer has been time tested in creating different sewing machines for different users and niches. They are known for their quality and innovative sewing machines.

Bernina has over hundreds of sewing machine designs and models. These include household sewing machines best for simple and occasional use by homemakers and hobbyists. There are also industrial sewing machines for more heavy duty sewing projects. These sewing machines can sew fast to accommodate higher sewing volume meant for more commercial uses. Bernina also has embroidery machines available for the more advanced users. This allows more complicated sewing projects that require more intricate stitches. They also have serger machines for professional finish of hemlines and edges. Although these can be done by regular sewing machines at a slower pace, sergers have made hemming an easier and oftentimes neater job.

Bernina has also jumped into the trend of computerized sewing machines. These sewing machines have LCD and LED screens with amazingly fast user interfaces for an easier and more convenient sewing experience. Some of these computerized sewing machines even have a memory card that allows you to save stitch patterns and settings from your previous sewing project.

There are definitely a lot of quality and innovative sewing machines from Bernina that you can choose from. With all the different available models to choose from, you may have a hard time picking out a machine for you. We have reviewed three of the best all-around sewing machines from Bernina that can fit a wide range of users. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate user or an advanced seamstress, these sewing machines will suit your sewing needs.

Top 3 Bernina Sewing Machine Reviews

>Bernina 950 Professional Zigzag Flatbed Sewing Machine

Bernina 950 Professional Zigzag Flatbed Sewing MachinePrice: $2,895

Maximum Sewing Speed: Up To 2000 Stitches per Minute

Dimensions: Base Plate 373 x 178 mm; Arm Space 210 x 104 mm

This powerful industrial sewing machine from Bernina has multiple capabilities. Built from high quality materials, it has a solid and durable metal construction for heavy duty sewing. It can sew any fabric texture from sheer, light fabrics to heavy draperies. It has superfast sewing speed of up to 2,000 stitches per minute allowing high volume sewing with very precise and accurate stitches. This is particularly essential for industrial sewing machines that cater to commercial distribution of goods. It allows bulk sewing while maintain the quality of work done. It has a built in 21 stitch patterns to choose from.

Whether you need basic stitches for regular sewing work or decorative stitches for creative crafts, the Bernina 950 has it all. It allows you to do a number projects with special features like the special darning foot for free motion work. It also has five needle positions and a five step built in bar tack buttonhole. Sewing like a pro is made possible with this Bernina powerhouse.


  • Suitable for a wide range of users. Advance users will love using this sewing machine as well as beginners since it is easy to handle.
  • It is the only zigzag stitch capable sewing machine with a drop feed control.


  • The price could be too steep for occasional users.

Bernina Artista 630E Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machine with Embroidery System

Bernina artista 630E Sewing , Quilting and Embroidery Machine with Embroidery SystemPrice: $4,000

Maximum Sewing Speed: Up To 900 Stitches per Minute

Maximum Embroidery Speed: Up To 680 Stitches per Minute

The Bernina Artista 630E is a superb sewing machine that has quilting and embroidery functions. This computerized sewing machine has endless possibilities in terms of design with the 480 built in stitches available to choose from. It can do extensive possible embroidery projects at a fast sewing speed. Intricate designs that could take you several hours and days to finish could now be done in a shorter span of time and at a much easier sewing experience.

You can sew like an expert with the 70 pre-installed designs to choose from. Thinking of ideas for quilting and embroidery projects is made easier because you can mix and match the different designs and stitches. With the computerized system, it allows an even greater accuracy in sewing and stitching.

You can also memorize some of your favorite work. Recreating some of your best handiwork will now be a breeze. This computerized sewing machine from Bernina combines high technology functions and first class workmanship. Creating the most intricate and creative quilts and projects by a non-expert is made possible with the Bernina Artista 630E.


  • The built in 480 stitches and 70 pre-installed designs allow a wide range of quilting and embroidery projects.
  • Allows more accurate sewing and stitching with the computerized system.
  • Allows saving of stitching patterns in the computerized system


  • A high priced sewing machine even for advanced users.
  • Some functions may not be applicable to a lot of users as these are highly specialized functions.

Bernina Artista 635 Limited Edition Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machine with Embroidery Module

Bernina Artista 635 Limited Edition Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machine with Embroidery ModuleMaximum Sewing Speed: Up To 900 Stitches per Minute

Maximum Embroidery Speed: Up To 680 Stitches per Minute

Price: $4,200

The Bernina Artista 635 is an improvement of the Bernina Artista 630E. It is graphically more beautiful to look at with the creative and colorful design added. It still features all the same cool functions of the Bernina Artista 630E. It has the same maximum sewing and embroidery speed. While the sewing speed may be slow compared to some industrial sewing machines, it has one of the fastest sewing speeds for highly specialized embroidery stitches.

What could take you for hours doing it by hand or designing it with your regular sewing machines could be done in a few minutes. It also has the same number of built in stitches and pre-installed designs as the Bernina 630 E. The great thing about these Bernina computerized sewing and embroidery machines is that they have a stitch regulator that result to first class and professional quilts and embroideries.


It has a cool aesthetic design that makes this heavy duty and highly specialized embroidery machine a beauty to behold.


It is more expensive than the Bernina Artista 630 E but have similar sewing and embroidery capabilities.

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Hope you liked our bernina sewing machine reviews here. Bernina sewing machines are some of the top of the line sewing machines. They make some of the best sewing machines for highly specialized embroideries and quilting. Push yourself to create more adventurous and creative projects with a bernina sewing machine now.