If you love sewing embroidery then you should consider a Baby Lock machine. An ideal sewing machine should be easy to handle, designed for today’s needs and requirements that suits each and every tasks, and most importantly it must be affordable. If we have to name one brand that suffices all the above attributes of a good sewing machine, then no other name can ever be mentioned other than the Babylock sewing machine series.

In case you are wondering why baby lock sewing machines are so popular all over the world, you will get the answers to your question once you browse through the list of features below:

Features of Baby Lock Sewing Machines:

 * Finest quality, Trouble free and extremely easy to handle.

* Contemporary, avant-garde and fully adept with modern technology.

* This brand offers different and numerous styles and forms of sewing machine, for different purposes and requirements.

* These Babylock sewing machines are computerized and operated using an LCD screen. The USB port available makes it easy to prepare fresh designs and make something different and unique. Through this USB port it is possible to update the Babylock sewing machine with latest software and designs.

Baby Lock Sewing Machines for Quilting and Embroidery

   1. The Sofia A-Line Series

2. Ellegante 2

3. The Grace A-Line Series

The Sofia A-Line Series is a nice catch for both veterans and learners. With 67 stitches and 70 built-in designs, this machine is ideal for carrying out both sewing and embroidery related tasks. It also comes with an LCD screen and USB ports.

Ellegante 2 is a stylish and refined machine, it is supreme for veterans’ designers and tailors. It has a built-in Nancy Zieman designs, LCD screen, 16 specialty quilting techniques, and a unique On Request Automatic Threading facet.

The Grace A-Line Series is appropriate for highly skilled and creative personalities only. Its sharp and highly advanced features are appropriate for experienced designers. It has 7 accessory feet, 1 step buttonholes and 40 built-in stitches.

The following Baby Lock sewing machine models are excellent quilting machines:

Artista 2.0 (Artisan) – mechanical machines, very similar to the old Elna models, great for beginners and experienced quilters alike.

Elite2+ – electronic models with push-button stitch selection and pattern support features. This is one of the best choices for newbies as well as time-tested professionals.

LX18 – this model looks like a vintage Singer Featherweight 221 but works better than most modern sewing machines do! It has an excellent computerized system which delivers perfect stitches every time you want them! Affordable too…

The following Baby Lock sewing machine models are excellent embroidery machines:

Artista 4.0 – a great combination of embroidery functions and sewing options. The machine is very easy to use, offers superior features and the price is quite affordable. All Baby Lock models have a huge library of accessories, special stitches and other goodies!

Elite3 – this is one of the top performers in the Elite line-up. This model comes with a whole bunch of accessories that can help you create even more beautiful projects or just improve your skills by teaching you new techniques…

The following Baby Lock sewing machine models are excellent for both quilting and embroidery:

Grandeur 2.1 – this machine has all the features you need from a quilting machine plus it makes perfectly accurate embroidery

Questions and Answers

Mark asks…

How does the sewing machine babylock compare to brother or singer?

I am looking for a new sewing machine just something easy to hem pants, sew curtains and do some crafts and have been looking at Baby Lock, Brothers and Singers and would like some feed back as to which one would be reliable. Baby Lock is a new name to me, so I don’t know a lot about it. If you could give me any suggestions I sure would appreciate it.


My standard beginner sewing machine advice:



Thomas asks…

What is the name of the font on the Babylock: Sofia a-line?

There is a font on the sewing machine Babylock: Sofia A-line series that i need to find the name of/ what it is called. The font that looks kind of western and leaning over to the side, please help asap!


The only fonts I see are script and block.

If you go to the Babylock site and choose Sofia a-line series you can open the manual and view the information and then print if you need a manual.

John asks…

My Grandmother gave me her Babylock sewing machine. I made a dress but the bobbin thread keeps bunching up????


Make sure when you are filling the bobbin the thread is even, if it is not then the bobbin will not ‘sit’ correctly when being used.

Maria asks…

Is there a darning foot for the Babylock Grace sewing machine?

I want to try out free motion quilting on my machine, but I can’t find anything that specifically says it’s for that machine. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether or not there is one. Thanks!


According to the BL site, this machine does not come with a darning/free motion accessory/foot.

You can get one at a BL or Brother dealer. JoAnn may also have one that will fit (it most likely will be White brand) or on-line at Clotilde.

I have BL and an Elna and the feet from JoAnn and Clotilde fit both machines.

See the chart for Brother (the little foot is for 1/4″ seams and the big foot is for free motion) – http://www.clotilde.com/pages/which_foot.html

It is also handy to have a walking/even feed foot to help keep the layers from shifting when quilting.