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Janome Memory Craft - Janome 6500 Reviews for YouThe Janome memory craft sewing machine 6500P is a 4.8 star rated, computerized high end sewing machine suitable for most kinds of sewing requirements like garment making, home decors and quilting works etc. It offers the promptness and accuracy highly preferred for modern day sewing and is equipped with the most sought after features needed by professionals and sewing lovers.

Janome 6500 Reviews – Features of Janome Memory Craft

An amazing sewing speed of a 1,000 stitches per minute will help you to get your works done within no time and the sophisticated features will let you work comfortable and relaxed. This machine comes with 391 pre-programmed Stitches Including monograms and buttonhole functions.

The machine’s LCD display will help you to search and find the machines sewing features and functions. With this wonderful machine, one can stitch letters and numbers and can create one’s own customized themes. Overall 135 diverse stitches are available with this machine and it is very easy to discover them on the flip chart placed at the back portion of the machine.

The Janome Memory craft C6500P sewing machine comes with the widest bed space any  household sewing machine owns, with a size of 9” (225mm) x 5” (120mm). In addition to this, the machine possesses a spacious work table for maneuver works.

The bobbin can be loaded from the upper/ top side so it is easy to place the bobbin. The transparent bobbin cover permits you to see whether your thread is going to get finished. If you need to wind a bobbin, the machine’s working need not be paused and you don’t have to unthread it also. The I Bobbin Winding mechanism will be extremely helpful to finish your sewing works efficiently.

The Speed Control Slider will be useful to adjust the pace at which you sew.  Automated thread trimmer, reverse keys, locking stitch, and needle up-down stitch are placed on the upper side of the sewing space. Indicator light are provided with the needle trimmer and up-down keys for adjusting the needle, hence you need not check whether these mechanisms are switched on or turned off.

This  ultra-modern  machine has a wide array of efficient  functions designed for large scale stitching and quilt works which  include a  9 x 5″ throat space for  large quilts, five types of blanket stitches meant for appliqué works,  an excellent  feed mechanism for stitching vary thick materials, a knee lifter adjustment  for handling  the presser foot so that both your hands will be free which you can be used for other sewing purposes. Threads can be trimmed with the help of the thread cutter by simply touching a button. The drop-in bobbin mechanism is easy to replace and bobbin winding can be done while you are working on the machine and is jam resistant too.

Qualities of Janome Memory Craft, Janome 6500 Sewing Machine

This Janome memory craft sewing machine 6500P comes with 1000 stitches per minute so that your sewing projects can be finished quickly.

This machine possesses the speed and accuracy expected from an advanced sewing machine.  With 391 built in Stitches Including monogram and buttonhole stitches this machine can perform a wide range of functions.

Embossed keys and the LCD display will help you to navigate through all the machine’s functions. By simply touching the key you can have all the details you want about the function or stitch. By referring to the stitch diagrams, you can verify the stitches you selected. Additional options and information can be obtained by pressing the help key if you are not okay with the stitch selector.

You can incorporate letters, names, numbers and messages to your sewing ideas and can definitely create designer grade outfits by a mere the touch of buttons.

With its wide range of features and useful accessories provided with it one can feed different sorts of cloths from denim or silk and use this machine with ease.

Pros of Janome Memory Craft, Janome 6500 Sewing Machine

This machine can be put to use for day to day purposes or for professional needs. This machine is robust, dependable and very useful.  The vast work space will help you do all the sewing related works very comfortably. Its state of the art stitching features and all the convenient accessories provided with it will help you turn your sewing projects quite easy and your sewing products extra ordinary.

This machine is equipped with advanced features like scissors, different sorts of presser feet and a wide work table etc. Free motion quilting is an added advantage of this user friendly model and both the front and back sides of the quilts can be done beautifully without any faults.

It is very easy to follow the instruction manual and you can learn the machines function quickly so that you will be able to start using this product within a short period of time after unpacking.

The threading mechanism is simple to operate and the knee lifter adjustment to manage the presser feet and the automated thread trimmer are worth using. You can shift between the feet even in the midst of you stitching.

Everything you would ever need from a sewing machine is incorporated into this machine’s features. The work table is a distinguished feature for quilters.

Cons of Janome Memory Craft, Janome 6500 Sewing Machine

Though this is a reliable and efficient machine, a small problem has been reported relating to the bobbin case. This part may shift around sometimes and can cause problems regarding timing. A few reports say that even though the stitches are very good, machines of this make are noisy due to the rubbing of bobbin case with the housing area housing part. It may be noted that warranty is void if you purchase the machine from any dealer who is not a certified Janome merchant.

Although this sewing machine is accompanied with a soft cover, customers have reported that a hard transport case would have been a much better option.  The scissors provided with this machine functions faultlessly but occasionally leaves a thread cluster on the back side of the stitches. Another problem is the absence of sleeve opening and plastic needle threader. Apart from these issues, this machine is a perfect fit for sewing.

Conclusion about Janome Memory Craft, Janome 6500 Sewing Machine

The Janome memory craft sewing machine 6500P is an amazing machine. This perfectly designed sewing machine is really worth for its price. This sewing machine is mainly intended for large scale stitching and very useful for professional tailors and designers. It is very sturdy, quick functioning. This marvelous sewing machine launched by Janome is well known for its superior quality performance. This machine is a 4.8 star rated, strong and reliable machine which is provided with a huge work space which will help to make yourself comfortable even at your most complex projects. Hence no rethinking is needed if you are looking for a state of the art machine for your much cherished sewing projects. Just go for a Janome memory craft, janome 6500 sewing machine and enjoy your sewing work.