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Dimensions: 19.5 x 12.7 x 15.9 Inches
Weight: 26 pounds

Brother Project Runway CE7070PRWBrother project runway ce7070prw computerized sewing machine with wide table put before you a wonderful opportunity to upgrade yourself to a designer- level sewer. To have a sewing machine in any household can be an extremely useful even for those who are not expert sewers.  A good sewing machine with automatic and advanced features will help you to do repair works and everyday works simpler and faster.  Also, it is unwise to spend time and money by approaching somebody to do simple sewing works.

The brother project runway ce7070prw has seventy numbers of pre-programmed sewing options that covers a number of your sewing needs like utility sewing, quilting jobs, decorative ideas, heir looming, and several other purposes. You can easily select your preferred stitch with the help of the LCD screen and modify it to suit your sewing ideas.

Features of Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW

Brother project runway ce7070prw 70-Stitch computerized sewing machine is invented with sophisticated features usually found with high- end machines. This product is easy to operate and delivers a designer-grade stitch quality, with its much praised diversity of seventy built-in stitches.

The pre-programmed stitches include exclusive stitches for heirlooms, zipper insertions, stitching elastic, blind hems, scallop, decorative satin stitches, feather stitches, quilting and many more. There is  a printed illustration of the built–in -stitches on the front side  of this machine and the digitized stitch selector with an LCD screen will help you to choose the best suited stitches for your projects. Seven refined automatically sized buttonholes stitches option will help you to make attractive and lovely buttonholes with a single stroke of the button.

The threading mechanism is astonishingly simple with an automatic needle threading option. When you a touch the bar provided for threading purpose, the pre-programmed automated needle threader will pass the thread through the needle eye.

Presser feet features include different types of foot for Monogramming, Zipper fitting, Overcast stitching , Button fitting,  Buttonhole making  etc. Foot controller pedal is provided for operating the different feet and changing the foot as per your requirements.

This multiple use model comes with a spacious sewing portion and a broad table which is ideal for large scale sewing ventures and quilt ideas. The working table of this machine is wide enough and provided with ruler markings for carrying out maneuvering works which the user find worth using while executing larger projects.

The machine is supplied with an accessory pouch which is equipped with 3 numbers of needles, screwdrivers, 3 numbers of spool caps, seam ripper, clean-up brush, spool pin, 4 bobbins etc which you will find really useful when you start getting acquainted with this machine.

A quick start user’s guide and an instruction manual in two languages i.e., English and Spanish is accompanied with the machine which offers reliable and clear instructions for operating this machine.

Qualities of Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW

A large sewing space and a spacious table, best suited for quilting and other larger projects are two important qualities of this useful model. A stitch selection chart imprinted on the front side of your machine act as a ready reference for the in- built stitches available with this sewing machine. The machine is suitable for sewing almost all kinds of fabric! The fabric feed adjustments helps you to manage the fabric with ease, and more precise stitches can be sewn.

The drop feed mechanism is an option which will make you comfortable when you carry out your much loved quilting works and will help you to control its execution much easily.

The threading system is excellently designed for comfortable and swift use. It is very easy to do the threading by means of the needle threader feature. One can easily perform this job with a single touch of the threading lever so that your threading work will be completed right at the moment. The bobbin winding mechanism is fast and jam-resistant and offers you the best quality stitching. You just have to place your upper thread and then position your bobbin on its winder and press the bobbin to right side and you will see that the bobbin winding part will be done for you automatically.

It is very easy to pop the bobbin in and out. Using the foot bar without the start-stop feature is really simple to use and the machine run quite smoothly without much noise or jerking movements. It makes the sewing jobs very quiet and helps to run the machine more easily.

The table is really wide and is ideal for preparatory jobs and quilting works. One LED-light makes your work space illuminated and is very useful when you work on complex patterns and dark colored fabrics and you can view even minute details of your work on intricate designs.

The distance between the fabric and the needle can be adjusted for creating perfect straight lines by referring to the markings printed on the needle plate. The company offers twenty five years limited warranty and free telephonic support throughout the use period. Compared to CS6000i this machine is lighter in weight, comes without the case but have most of the features quite similar to it and the price is, of course, low!

Pros of Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW

It is very light weight to carry and wonderfully silent. It is easy to shift these machines from place to place as you desire. Reliable, consistent and high quality sewing can be achieved with this much praised machine. This machine is very durable since none of its parts are made up of low cost materials. Right from very light fabrics to very heavy cloths like denim can be worked on with machine. Garment making jobs  like general stitching, decorative works,  button fixing, button hole making, repair works, fixing zippers, quilting and a number of  stretch sews  including those twin needle straight lines  and zigzag ones and heirloom stitches can be done with ease with the help of this machine.

Cons of Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW

Only a very few problems have been reported so far about this machine. One issue the consumers have faced with this product is the thread holder, which is made of plastic. It’s reported that this feature can break off or bend if you apply pressure. Since this part is replaceable, it may not be considered as a major fault with this machine. Another problem reported about the machines features is regarding the tension dials and tension assembly. But this problem may be treated as an exceptional one since there were no many reports supporting this one.

It’s Your Turn Now Buddy

This product is very handy for beginners as well as expert professionals. It is very easy to learn its operations and will help you to achieve professional-grade outputs. The machine is very interesting to deal with and it owns the most sophisticated kind of features which are the characteristic of a high-end sewing machines. It is a wonderful machine to learn basic sewing works and with this machine one can improve the sewing skills and achieve designer- level competence. Once you start using this machine you will never feel like using any other machine because it is that simple and reliable in working.