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Dimensions: 17.3 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches
Weight: 26 pound

Brother PC 420Having an ultra-modern machine like brother pc 420 sewing machine with a wide array of stitching options and automatic adjustments can make your sewing and crafting projects a wonderful experience. Instead of purchasing new readymade cloths or seeking the help of professionals, you can create designer-grade outfits by yourself, do minor repairs on your outfits and upholstery with the help of this computerized machine named Brother PC 420 Project Runway Sewing Machine. This product has enormous number of stitching options pre-programmed in its memory and a variety of automatic features related to sewing.

Features of Brother PC 420 Sewing Machine

Brother PC-420 is a 4.5 star rated high- tech sewing machine which comes with 294 stitches which are in built with this product, 11 types of presser’s feet to select from and 10 different auto-size buttonholes and a hard protective case.  Dimensions of this product are: 17.3 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches and it weighs 26 pounds. This machine frame is constructed using metal and a hard protective case is also provided with it. The most notable feature of this product is a “My Custom Switch” option using which a user can design one’s own stitches and store in the machines memory for later use.

The machine’s bobbin winding mechanism is surprisingly easy to deal with. Just place the thread in position, then move the bobbin to the right direction and press the Start knob and you can see that the bobbin is readily wound for your project. The stitch selector is the best option for you to select desired stitches and the selected stitch can be viewed easily in the LED monitor on the machine. It is provided with an outstanding fabric feeding system which lets the user to feed different types of fabrics to work on with the six- pointed feed dogs and helps to stitch more precisely.  The length and width of your stitches can be adjusted by means of the digital stitch control.

One peculiar feature of this product is the knee lifter built-in with the machine with the help of which the presser foot can be lifted and pressed down so that you need not use your hands for operating the presser foot. Another interesting feature of this product is the twin/dual needle function with which you can sew parallel lines to create strong and long lasting stitches, hems, quilts etc. The thread trimmer mechanism is simple and can be pre-programmed to trim the threads between your works which will be very helpful to deal with seams and quilting jobs.

The threading mechanism can be operated using a single hand and you will feel more comfortable when you work on large scale projects.  There is provision for controlling the speed with which you sew and the start-stop adjustment will be helpful to work without the foot controller. All the details about the operation of this machine is included in the Bilingual user manual and the company offers a twenty five -year limited warranty and customer support over phone throughout the product life .

Important Qualities of Brother PC 420 Sewing Machine

The stitching options are definitely useful for day-to-day sewing works, minor repairs, darns, decorative works and complex embroidery works. This sewing machine, launched with a number of amazing and sophisticated feet will help you to make your sewing projects mind blowing. These feet include a sophisticated feet for monogram function, quilting works and blind hemming. The imprinted diagram on this sewing machine depicts the instructions for threading, with the help of which you can easily operate the automatic needle threader and your threading job will be done in no time! Since the presser foot can be lifted and pressed down by using the knee lifter, your hands will be free and can be used for managing the fabric.

The sewing area is perfectly illuminated with a light so that you can work on intricate designs and darker shades of cloths without straining your eyes. Making use of the speed control, one can work very slowly while sewing intricate/complex patterns. Top of FormBottom of FormBobbins, needles, screwdrivers, spools etc. are included in the accessory pouch for you to operate the machine without any difficulty. The company offers a limited warranty for twenty five years and free telephone support throughout the life of the product. This product is accompanied with a protective case and a user’s manual with reliable instructions for using the machine.

Pros of Brother PC 420 Sewing Machine

The automatic threader is an excellent feature of this machine which will help you to finish the threading work within no time and you don’t have to search for the needle eye.  Automatic thread trimmer, easy bobbin winding, fifteen needle arrangements, sewing speed control, needle-up feature and the single touch reverse sewing option are some of the outstanding features of this product. The function of the automatic buttonhole foot is really appreciable. Select and place the required button in the back and the machine will make the suitable sized buttonhole automatically.

In most of the sewing machines one need to raise the needle by turning the wheel after finishing a sewing line. The needle-up feature takes care of this job while you work on this machine.  It is possible to do sewing projects using both lightweight materials and also with tough fabrics with the right selection of needles, presser foot and tension adjustments. It also does not appear to be picky about what kinds of thread I use, and I have tested that. Besides you can use almost all kinds of thread, right from old to new or cotton to silk without any trouble. The machine is remarkably silent in operation and is praised by the users for the easiness associated with the use of its complex features such as navigating with the pre-programmed stitching options and creating one’s own designs using the custom set up and the LED monitor.

Cons of Brother PC 420 Sewing Machine

There are only a very few criticisms about this machine. A very few customers have reported that operating the automatic knee foot lifter is a bit difficult and sometimes one has to use the hand also. Some of the decorative stitches and utility stitches are not so promising in appearance and some of them are found not worth using. Although there are various lettering styles and numbering styles, some of them are reported to be very small and can be used only for a very few works.   A perfect straight stitching is not achieved always with this machine and working on tough fabrics is also a bit difficult as reported by some users. A very few number of customers have reported that they encountered with frequent problems regarding thread tension also.

It’s Your Turn Now

It can be stated without any doubt that this machine’s positive features outshines some of its minor issues. The outstanding features it possess are really worth for the price. This Project Runway Limited Edition model lets you achieve professional-grade precision in your work with its vast array of built-in and automatic features and accessories which are normally found only with advanced machines.  This a very strong and well built sewing machine which is worth possessing for passionate hobbyist as well as learners who are  interested in starting with a good sewing machine.